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The Importance of Giving Back

No matter where one grows up, their community always has an impression on them and helps shape the individual they become. Community service is a way to give back to this community that has contributed so positively to our own formative years. It allows individuals to feel connected to a larger community and understand that even the smallest of their actions make an impact. Giving back has no singular fashion, it can be done through hard labor building homes, planting community trees and plants, or volunteering at a local care home. Community is defined as "a unified body of individuals," and what better way to show that you are a part and parcel of this community than giving back?

Giving back does not just enrich one's community, it also contributes to one's own growth. It teaches individuals that hard work does not always need to be associated with money, it can be self rewarding. By working with children in the community, one may gain leadership or organization skills. Working in a community garden can foster a hard work ethic and team work skills. Setting up drives may increase an individual's awareness or responsibility. We gain meaningful experiences that shape both our own and other's entire lives when we give back. Everyone should give back because community is important and by engaging with others, we are able to learn more about ourselves. At the end of the day, giving improves the world and we should all be finding ways to improve our community and therefore, improve ourselves.

We have put together some ways that you can give back!

  • Donate.

Sometimes giving back to the community is as simple as just donating what you can whether it is some pocket change, clothes, or food.

  • Philanthropy.

While engaging in our communities 'hands-on' may be very rewarding, some may not have the proper time to allocate and it can be easier to give cash donations.

  • Fundraising.

Whether virtually or in-person, fundraising can allow you to contribute to a good cause while building relationships in your community.

  • Drives.

Not only can you learn some new skills, but contributing to drives can allow you to pursue a common goal in a wholesome collective of other passionate individuals

  • Volunteer.

Think of an issue that excites you, find a coinciding organization and their contact details, and apply.

  • Recognize Those Who Serve.

Often, we get caught up in our own lives and forget about the individuals who sacrifice theirs so that we may continue ours. Take the time, to invest in those that serve you.

  • Disaster Relief.

Catastrophe can spring up anywhere at any time, give back to your community by investing time in alleviating the struggles caused by the disasters inflicted on your community.

  • Step Up and Ask.

Sometimes, we want to give back but we do not know where to start. No worries, research some organization that give back and shoot a dm, email, or text asking how to get involved!

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