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The Negro’s Fear

For when you are older my dear,

I sit you right here

Not to shout or berate,

But you must get this straight

We live amongst an omnipresent fear

That one day, the palest will make clear

Institutionalized and hidden

Yet, still leaves us dead or bedridden

It lays low, complacent as a deer

Until the instance it reaches out for its spear

“Where is it mommy?”

Oh honey, it’s everywhere

So always be you, pick out your hair

Be unapologetic,

Because when you suffer, they’re apathetic

As you plead for air,

If you’re lucky, they’ll just stand there

Oh baby, our fear is our souvenir

From when the White man forced us here

But give them not the satisfaction of tears,

Stand, proudly, replacing flames for fears

Poetry By Mia Ndalugi

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